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Imagine a shade structure that looks like perfectly cut, premium-grade wood-yet never needs paint or stain. Never warps, splits or cracks. Won't burn or become infested with insects. That's the enduring beauty and advantage of an Ultra Lattice shade structure. Crafted from heavy gauge virgin aluminum, Ultra lattice has a very realistic, deep wood grain look, coated with an ultra-tough, sun-and-time tested Kynar 500® - based finish. Whether it's free standing, or attached to your home, an open-rail Ultra Lattice shade structure minimizes harsh sunlight and heat, yet admits plenty of light and allows the free-flow of cool circulating breezes. Just as important, it can increase the re-sale value of your home. Ultra Lattice transforms an ordinary patio into a shady private retreat where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your own back yard.

Support posts, setback beams and trim members match the color, texture and gloss of the Elitewood™ Insulated Roof Panel. These components were designed specifically for the Elitewood™ "Ultimate" Patio Cover. Internal electrical channels are embedded into the insulated roof panels allowing for the safe and easy wiring of ceiling fans or other desired lighting fixtures. Vinyl Leaf Guards are a standard feature on all Elitewood™ Insulated Patio Covers to keep leaves and other debris from clogging gutters and downspouts. The flat top-side surface of the patio cover roof allows leaves and all other debris to simply blow off, keeping your shade cover clean and clear of potential clogging often associated with the top-side of "single-skin" or non-insulated patio covers. Elitewood's™ Insulated Patio Covers feature innovative "double catch" extruded gutter fascia that captures and controls water run-off. Rain water from both the home and patio cover is quickly channeled through gutters and downspouts preventing water backup or leaks.

For complete protection from sun, snow, or rain, an Ultra Flat Pan solid roof is an attractive alternative. Just like the open rails, these roof panels feature the same deep-wood-grain look. Available in the same popular design color as the Ultra Lattice, this makes it easy to design a hybrid patio cover using both Ultra Lattice and Ultra Flat Pan, giving you total control over the amount of shade and light in your new private retreat. You can also integrate skylight openings between panels to allow the perfect amount of light into your outdoor living space.


3415 Santa Rosa Ave.  Santa Rosa, CA  95407

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