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Solid Insulated Roof Panels

Four Seasons' insulated Laminated Roof Panels are made with an Expanded Polystyrene foam core. EPS is a high-performance insulation specified by architects nationwide for many of today’s energy-efficient homes. Using these insulated panels with our patio components will create a strong, durable Patio Cover or Carport.

The flat top-side surface of the patio cover roof allows leaves and all other debris to simply blow off, keeping your shade cover clean and clear of potential clogging often associated with the top-side of "single-skin" or non-insulated patio covers. Four Seasons Insulated Patio Covers feature innovative "double catch" extruded gutter fascia that captures and controls water run-off. Rain water from both the home and patio cover is quickly channeled through gutters and downspouts preventing water backup or leaks.

INSULATED Patio Covers